Recruitment and Selection

Here at Kimberly Ryan Limited, our goal is to create a significant business advantage for our clients and if we can find the right candidates for our clients, we can achieve that goal.

We pride ourselves in our Competency Based Model approach to source for the best-fit talent globally. We go a step further beyond just finding you the right match for the current market, but the future business climate as well.

Our value proposition is embedded in the ability to deliver you the right talent for continued organizational growth.

The robustness and validation of our Recruitment and Selection solution can be highlighted in the value-chain below:

Top Executive Search

With this solution we are able to focus on leaders who are able to steer the business in the direction it requires for growth and sustainability. Our footprint in the African Market has given us the cultural and business know-how to identify the exceptional leaders needed.

Assessment Centers

We provide a controlled environment with experts who are able to filter through a variety of individuals in order to identify the best-fit for your organization. In addition, we make use of best practice tools and systems which ensures an equal playing field for all candidates.

Background Checks and Verifications

We have the capability to carry out thorough searches and investigations of potential employees and current workforce. Our checks provide you the confidence you need to make an offer to a potential hire or retain them within your system.

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