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Job Interview: Common mistakes to avoid during a job interview

Interested in acquiring your dream job? Applying and granting job interviews are the best times to do so. Assuming your resume/cover letter is strong enough to get you an interview and grant you the job, it is also very important for you to perform well and avoid certain job interview mistakes. Professional recruiters have received training on how to recognize key signs to determine whether a candidate is competent and has the right personality that will fit the job requirement. Given that there will likely be many other applicants applying for the position and limited amount of time to fill it, it’s important to prepare for an interview to avoid mistakes and eventually get the role.

Why are job interviews important?

Job interviews are essential because it gives you the opportunity to speak with staff members or external HR specialists who specialize in recruitment and assess if the position you've applied for is a good fit for you. During interviews, the employer may ask you questions about the position or give you a chance to solve challenges in addition to reviewing your credentials.

It's important to plan beforehand for your interview so you can present yourself professionally and show that you're up to the task. However, there are several things you should not do or say during an interview.

Job Interview mistakes to avoid

  • Don’t be late;

    Be punctual to your interview. Being late conveys a lack of interest in the position and disrespect for the interviewer's time. Instead, arrive a little early to introduce yourself to the staff and give yourself a few minutes to collect your thoughts before the interview.

  • Don’t be dishonest;

    Do not exaggerate your qualifications, employment background, or skill set. The interview may be quickly terminated if the interviewer finds out a lie you told. If a company hires you based on a lie, they might expect you to perform tasks for which you are not qualified. Instead, while describing your qualifications for the position, be truthful. Inform your employer of your commitment to enhancing your work performance and willingness to learn new skills.

  • Never show up unprepared;

    Do not arrive unprepared for the interview. This can give the interviewer the impression that you are unprepared and uninterested in the position. Instead, conduct a proper research on the organization & bring copies of your list of references and resume.

  • Dress Appropriately;

    When going for an interview it's important to dress decently. Showing up at a job interview looking unkempt is a job interview mistake that should be avoided.

  • Avoid Appearing Desperate;

    Don't show or convey how desperate you are for the job. Extreme emotion can completely eliminate you from consideration. Instead, keep your emotions in check and express your interest in the job in the right way.

Bonus tips on mistakes to avoid during an interview;

  • Avoid making use of your phone;

    Don't check your phone or pick it up during an interview. Splitting your attention between the interviewer and your phone is uncontrollable. To avoid temptation, set your phone aside and turn it off throughout the interview.

  • Avoid twitching;

    Playing with your hands, feet, or the items on the desk is not permitted. Fidgeting could be regarded by the interviewer as a sign of boredom, making them think you are not paying attention to what they are saying. Keep your hands and legs still and don't touch anything on the desk or table unless you have to.

In summary, as we mentioned at the beginning of the article, job interviews are crucial since they provide you with the opportunity to meet with the hiring managers and other personnel and this gives them a chance to assess one’s knowledge of the position applied for and one’s skills.

For your next interview feel free to make use of this article as a guide on what to do and what to avoid during a job interview.

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