Transitioning Into A Career With Zero Experience

Transitioning into a new career can pose to be a herculean task. Everywhere you turn these familiar words may seem to be staring back at you: Experience in similar role is required!!!

How can you move to do what you enjoy doing when nobody wants to give you a chance? A number transitioning professionals share in that pain. It is one of the most well-known quandary in the career world -No Experience, No Job – No Job, No Experience.

Making a career change is a very important phase in one’s life and it shouldn’t be taken with levity. Every job application seems to require a bit of cognate experience in a similar role. The huge task here is convincing a prospective employer you will be worthhiring…little or insignificant experience and all.

Every potential Employer wants to know about your previous experience. As a career changer, moving into a brand-new field of which you have little or no experience can be daunting. Your CV might be a long list of irrelevant information not applicable to the position you are gunning for. The following question begs for answers; how are you supposed to be taken seriously? How do you get people to pay attention to you and to give you a chance?

Believe it or not your ship has not quite sunk and you are not doomed starting from scratch. Here are few things you can do to break into a new career and be an awesome newbie;

  • Recognise it is a ‘problem’ that is possible to solve- The first step is to recognise that the problem exists and having a sense of understanding that this challenge can be solved.
  • Be willing to start over leading with your story as against the history- There are loads of ways you can achieve this:
  1. Try a skills-based CV.
  2. Do an inventory of your career as a raw material. It can be processed from its raw state to a finished product. This can be achieved through focusing on some other self-selling skills that will be discussed later.
  3. Understand what the very best people in your desired role do.
  • Get some education- Without experience, education is your next best friend. Take classes, get certified, earn a degree if you must. Theory and practice aretwo different things,so education certainly isn’t a replacement for hands-on experience. It is a useful way to fill the gaps when experience is missing.
  • Volunteering/Internship- This is a fantastic way of trying your hand on a career path of your choice. You can get your foot in the door with an internship – you gain valuable real-world experiences to add to your resume. It seems small, no doubt, however, it is a start. Most companies stretch their interns by ‘dumping’ a huge workload on them. That experience is never a waste.
  • Structure your existing experience appropriately- Regardless of your current position, chances are that you may have some skills that are transferable to your new role.
  • Quack like a duck- If you want to be a duck, you need to walk, talk and fly like a duck. You need to play the position out.
  • Use traditional and non-traditional job hunting methods to search for jobs and vacancies. Do not rely on just one method. Spruce up your social media handleto boost your career changing quest. You need to have a digital footprint because recruiters these days have gone from ‘resumesin brown envelopes’ to other online methods of sourcing for candidates.


The Job search process can be gruelling and hard on your self esteem. It’s likely, you will be passed over for the several jobs you apply for, and that kind of rejection can make you depressed even when you are seen as someone who is confident about his/her professional abilities. You are not alone in this…the optimist feels depressed. Life can be a roller-coaster ride and being down is not the best feeling to have when you are job hunting…your positive action combined with positive thinking will result in your success.

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  • Anthony

    I have worked and have over four years experience with some well recognised financial institutions as a business developer. My dream has always been to work as a human resource personnel, but efforts to transit into HR career has not been successful. For over one year, I have been trying to transit but haven’t seen any result due to lack of experience in HR role.

  • Enebeli Jude

    I am currently working as a marketer in one of Nigeria’s commercial banks.I studied international human resource management which I had always wanted to practice but my limited work experiences has been one reason I have not been able to secure a position in that field.How can KR help me .

  • sikiru omolasho FOLORUNSHO

    I’m a graduate of Political science. With the adventurous impact of fortune in your company drives, I was inspired and willing to join the team. I will be glad if you could consider my offer of working with you, thanks

  • Bukola Testimony

    I also have challenges in this area mentioned above. Career transition. I would like to gain experiential knowledge in HR. Who are these Career Buddies and how can I benefit from such services. By the way, you are not responding to comments here. I can’t see a trail which I don’t think speaks well for a company with huge reputation such Kimberly Ryan.

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