Job Evaluation

Our Job Evaluation (JE) Services draw from best practice guidelines and methodologies to help analyze, profile and determine the worth of each role in your organization and their connections to your overall objective as a company. Each role plays a part in keeping the wheels turning - our job is to clearly map out these roles and break them down to figures that you would be able to relate to. 

Succession planning framework

Our service here identifies and maps out your Tier 1 talent who are able to fill the big shoes of the company. This deals with the smooth transfer of leadership capacities, thereby ensuring business continuity.

Change Management

The weight and impact of change differs from company to company. No matter the scope of the change your company needs, Kimberly Ryan can support you. Our Change Management approach opens the minds of our client’s Management and Stakeholders to ensure that detailed attention is given to processes and procedures that will shift the company from the current state to the destination.  

After decades of experience in HR, Kimberly Ryan understands the impact of something as little as effective communication during Change Management. Kimberly Ryan can help manage the employee communication aspect in the most professional way that ensures that your employees are excited or at least at ease about the unknown future. Some of our areas of expertise are: 

- Rightsizing 

- Restructuring 

- Mergers and Acquisition. 

HR Systems and Technology 

Over time, Kimberly Ryan has come to possess the experience and skills needed to select and implement the HR Technology solutions that integrate with our client’s internal processes to achieve the optimal employee experience and drive the technological change our clients are looking to embrace. Our HR Systems and Technologies will facilitate your core HR processes such as Recruitment and Onboarding, Succession Planning, Performance Management, Leave Management, Time and Attendance, Payroll Management etc.

Our Systems and Technologies have a cloud based feature that ensures data security and convenient access for appointed users. Kimberly Ryan’s HR Systems and Technology solutions include: 

• Systems Implementation 
• Systems Maintenance 

Kimberly Ryan can help you on your HR Transformation journey by: 
• Transitioning to a more efficient HRIS 
• Managing your workforce better with the use of Kimberly Ryan Information Systems (KRIS) 
• Improving HR efficiency and effectiveness by freeing up time to handle more strategic responsibilities.

HR Strategy

It is key that your people strategy aligns with your business strategy. More important than that is the adequate formulation of the people strategy and ensuring the proper communication to all internal stakeholders. We partner with our clients to articulate their people initiatives with the endgame of driving business goals and productivity. 

Workforce Planning

Our service in this regard ensures our clients clearly map out the required talent for the present and future growth of the organization. We draw from decades of insights and apply best practice tools and techniques to retain your talent.

Performance Management Redesign

We understand the importance of being able to make a tangible link between employee performance and organizational goals. Our seasoned consultants leverage best practices and methodologies to map out performance systems that align daily tasks to the overall objectives of the company.

Rewards and Recognition Strategies

Still in line with the belief that your people are your greatest asset, we also preach a competitive reward system. It is important to note that the right reward system can sustain and improve employee performance. 

The people are behind the productivity of your business. It is our responsibility to find out what is behind the people that can propel them to give their all to ensure business success. Over the years, we have come across clients that have built the wrong perception that monetary reward is the start and end to what drives employees. Recent economic factors have also played a part in restricting employers focus on compensation – a fact we do not ignore. However, our data and experience, especially in the recent economic changes, have shown clients that we are able to plan your workforce compensation and benefits packages to create a satisfied workforce. 

The rationale behind our Employee Reward Strategy is simple – effective and in alignment with your business objectives, yet plain enough for administration by your HR and acceptable and pleasing to your employees. 
Our Employee Reward & Strategy helps our clients in the following areas: 

• Competitive salaries and incentive packages across board to help with retention of your talent. 

• Build an effective and sustainable reward and recognition strategy that can develop motivation and engagement of your talent. 

• Build and plan career paths for your talent to improve employee motivation. 

• In-depth Job Evaluation Analysis. 

• Internal Pay Equity Analysis. 

• Performance appraisal systems

People Outsourcing

People outsourcing is a growing trend that many companies around the world are adopting to achieve greater organizational flexibility, improved efficiency, reduced overheads and a hassle free HR management.

The Kimberly Ryan outsourcing subsidiary KR Outsourcing caters to the needs of today’s businesses, delivering cost-effective and operational benefits leveraged by outsourcing services.

The pioneering KR Outsourcing solution for employees, effectively relieves our partner organizations from the rigors of day to day HR operational management, enabling them to focus on more strategic and value adding enterprise activities.
Key HR processes are effortlessly integrated to deliver an across-the-board outsourcing solution for our clients.

KR partners with a diverse group of clients to optimize their talent management processes. Some of our outsourcing services include: 

Selection and PlacementOnboarding & Induction
Background and Certificate VerificationLeave and Attendance
TrainingPerformance Appraisals
Disciplinary ManagementPayroll
Statutory ComplianceTalent Database Maintenance
Employee and ClientRelationship ManagementExit Management

Projects Outsourcing

KR in collaboration with its strategic partners offers a complete end to end seamless people, process and function outsourcing solution which includes designing, strategy, planning and implementation, expansion, manpower deployment and managing the work flow.

Utilizing a one stop shop approach, KR takes complete responsibility and accountability for all processes and functions outsourcing requirements, helping our clients to focus on their core business.

By outsourcing the following projects to KR, our clients HR functions will be freed up to engage in more strategic activities.

Process Outsourcing

By establishing strong partnerships with our clients and understanding their ways of working towards their strategic goals, we can provide excellent process outsourcing solutions. Our technical expertise and business experience enable us to understand our clients business objectives in order to deploy quality processes and resources within agreed timelines.

We encourage our clients to focus on their strategic processes and goals. At Kimberly Ryan, we proudly display our wealth of experience and technical know-how during our process outsourcing projects. Our clients are eager to place the management of their operations and specific business processes in our capable hands. Over the years, we have expanded our process outsourcing function which now spans across various sectors and industries.

We take our clients to the next stage of competitive advantage by facilitating smooth process outsourcing from both the back-end  to the  front-desk office. By transferring your non-core business processes to Kimberly Ryan, you are taking a step closer to securing a leading spot in your industry.

Back-end office services include but are not limited to:

  • Logistics
  • Warehousing
  • IT
  • Data Entry Services

Front-desk services include but are not limited to:

  • Customer Services
  • Call Centre
  • Marketing

Compensation and Benefit Surveys

Over the years, we have been able to amass partnerships and relationships with thousands of companies in Africa. This has broadened our portfolio on salaries and compensation data across various sectors and industries. Our role coverage spans between executive and core staff to business support staff. Our consultants are trusted advisors to Shareholders and Senior Management in both multi-national and indigenous companies. 

As our client, you stand to gain the following benefits from our Industry Compensation Research: 

• Reports provided by our consultants are not just data and numbers but also include professional and achievable advice that can be used to improve your business process whether in areas of compensation and benefits or employee roles and responsibilities. 
• Integrity of data provided. 
• Data Confidentiality 
• Ability to attract and retain the talent you need to grow your business with a competitive employee package. 
• Compliance with statutory requirements

Employee Engagement

We design an a realistic and applicable system to constantly  evaluate your primary asset - the talent - by learning how to gauge your employee’s satisfaction, resolve issues before they take root and make your employees feel valued. Our approach is to merge your people and organizational strategies which are key pillars to drive business growth.